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Types of ID

Primary Forms of ID:   

  •                    State-issued Driver's License

  •                    State-issued Identification Card (including Senior Identification Card)

  •                    Employee Identification Card issued by State or Government Agency

  •                    Canadian Driver's License

  •                    Mexican Driver's License

  •                    US Passport

  •                    Foreign Passport (Must be stamped by USCIS)

  •                    US Military Identification Card

  •                    Inmate ID Card  

* Above must be current and issued within the past five years

* Above must include photo, physical description, signature, and a serial or ID #

**If your ID is expired or you do not have the acceptable identification listed above, you can use TWO credible witnesses who know you personally AND have valid identification that is acceptable and current. Each witness must be present and be willing  to take an oath or affirmation attesting to your identity. They must not have any interest or be named in the document that is being notarized.
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